A Month of Tumbleweeds

A Month of Tumbleweeds

I’ve gone the entirety of March thus far without so much as a post, not to mention a post with any newly-painted minis! FOR SHAME!

I have some ideas for new stuff for the site. Hope to implement it soon, reach out to me on socials for sneaky previews.

I’ve got something like 34 miniatures I’ve been working on in one huge awkward unmatched batch for this month. I have about two to three dozen miniatures that need to be photographed for the site. I have probably a half-dozen already photographed and just waiting to be cropped and posted! There is stuff happening, just not visibly.

This post is is to make sure I get at least a single post done for March 2023. For crying out loud, I gotta get SOMETHING on the board!

I hope to get the rest of the already-photographed miniatures cropped & up over this week, but just in case that doesn’t pan out — this is my fallback.

I AM NOT letting this site go fallow!