Terrain: Walls (Garden of Morr)

Terrain: Walls (Garden of Morr)

These are wall sections from Games Workshop’s Garden of Morr set.

First up is the main gate. Rusty, in disrepair, but with some pretty flowers…

Next up we have a wall section with a side-or-back entrance gate to the garden, with more lovely flowers on one side of the wall.

Here’s another wall section, this time with no gate.

And finally a corner section of wall, for demarcating the ever-important corners of the garden or space.

I’m not usually a fan of doing multiple models/pieces per post. I prefer to have one post for one model or small sets of duplicates, like the boars or boring stuff like that. However, these were posed on the old site (sans flocking, I think), and I’m WAY behind on posts. So here’s a BIG post to get me going again.