Miniatures Golf – An Introduction

“Miniatures” Golf is something I learned about from a YouTube creator named Dana Howl. Unfortunately, they appear to have taken down their website and redirected it to YouTube so I can’t just link to the rules page and call it a day.

The idea is to help keep motivated to paint, and to work through one’s backlog/pile-o’-shame. Get the lowest score possible over a given time period.

Some of my friends and I are doing it for an event we’re calling “The 2023 Classic” – 4 seasons, where a season is one quarter. So Season 1 is Jan 01 through Mar 31. Scores reset for each Season.

Scoring is as follows:
-1 point per finished model
-1 point per model given away/sold/otherwise removed from collection (whether finished or unfinished)
+1 point per model received/purchased/3D-Printed
+2 points per model for any models purchased/received that were released within 1 month of acquisition (the “new & shiny” penalty)

All of the above is being tracked on a google drive document, where we have a summary score page with everyone’s name & running totals, and we’ve created a sheet for each person participating to keep track of their individual models however they see fit.

To help keep me motivated on posting here as well as painting the models, I’m calling mine “finished” once I take photos for the website. Because of the climate in which I live, this will almost always be pre-varnish/clearcoat since I can’t always get outside to rattle-can miniatures.

As of the posting of this note, I’m sitting at -11 for Season 1! So expect some good/consistent postings of newly painted models in the near future. Because I’m also re-posting all of my old/original models (porting posts from the old website is just going to take effort beyond what I’m willing to expend), I’ll do my best to indicate which model posts are counting toward the 2023 Classic, and what score they represent. The website will always lag behind my actual scorecard, because I don’t post more than once per day here — and if I do, they’re just scheduled as days in advance.

Tomorrows post is a photo re-shoot posting of my Garden of Morr walls, so they are NOT part of the 2023 classic.

OH — I know, I’ll use categories/tags for the classic, and for each season of the classic! Good thinkin’, me!

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